The unguessable country of marriage


A whisper within an ordinary parting,
a sigh nesting in a word, it comes
inside another breeze, warmer, softly,
to touch your cheek or shoulder, lighting down
as down does and doesn’t and does again.
What was it?
You will ask yourself and you will ask
again until asking itself is like
a caress, nothing then something
and nothing again there in the dear as day,
but something, something meant–
what was it?

2 Responses to “The unguessable country of marriage”

  1. A very fetching theme running through… the idea of homecoming and rootedness; in a sense that what’s poetry is- it homes in on certain poignant truths and strikes chords and raw nerves within our very beings.

    But ‘the unguessable country of marriage’?!

    Here’s to more mulling, pondering and ruminating… may the discourse and exchange between you and fellow appreciators bring forth more fodder and thought for you and open new avenues of perspectives.

    There just may be >3 people checking out your blog after all…

  2. Forgot to cite the author: Susan Stewart

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