Verve and swagger

More cheek and chutzpah than Johnny Cash or John Wayne, more charismatic than Viggo Mortenson in a cowboy hat, this is really an unrecognizable Michael Stipe.
All right, so it’s an old music video from  the 1992 “Automatic For the People” and really, I should be paying attention to the odd lyrical tribute to Andy Kaufman and technology (Didn’t Buzz Aldrin land on the moon way back in 1969?), but it’s really Stipe’s desert gait that captivates me.

Please watch it here 

Call it sheer swagger or a nonchalent shuffle, what agenda could Stipes be thinking of whilst singing a surreal cocktail of wrestlers and men on the moon?

Oh, and what thrilling godlessness: “See you in heaven if you make the list… yeah yeah yeah yeah.”


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