Oh you pederast! You got me in trouble!

shakespeare1.jpegHere’s a simple, unvarnished fact for you. Shakespeare was 18 when he married Ann Hathaway who was 26. The girl was already 3 months pregnant.

Now this is a fact most Stratford guides, with gleams of mischief in their eyes, will tell a typical tourist group. We, assuming the role of the open-mouthed foreigner will accept it uncritically. A little quietism about this issue never hurt anyone. Tis’ a fact of life I say, quote with mirth in funeral and with dirge in marriage, unquote Hamlet. People do have shotgun marriages. Men do marry women 8 years their senior.

Now how does this simple, unoffensive fact lessen the moral integrity of a school when students are presenting biographical information on Shakespeare? I was caught off guard when someone actually told me to sanitize this bit of information: “Didn’t you check the presentation scripts?”, “What’s the purpose of telling them all of this?” were the titillated cries of disbelief. I had to extemporize (very carefully indeed) on not condoning pre-marital sex. How did these educated people end up like this? Shakespeare had an “unhealthy” marriage. He was “despicable”.

And any species of sexual attraction that you find documented on a local postcard fails the morality test, as far as these people are concerned. It’s as if the authorities were 7 year olds, confronting the fact of their parents’ sexuality for the first time. Have they never experienced impulses that fell outside the range of orthodoxy? I wonder …


One Response to “Oh you pederast! You got me in trouble!”

  1. Hahaha… I must say you write really well though…

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