Shall I compare thee to your place or mine?

Dear Ms Ai Seow Kee,
I am writing to express my utmost gratitude for your efforts in bringing the loveless singles of Singapore together, all of us waiting for some revelation.

As Social Development Officer in the Ministry of Education, you have a most enviable role, coordinating various activity meet-ups behind a wall of anonymity. Even my colleagues at Land Transport Authority have not been spared from your reach. And what a name you have! You have inspired and provoked us to gales of laughter with that moniker; perhaps you really look like the girl on the right. (In that case, I would really be interested in the latest Tibet trip with you as on-site coordinator.)emi-kobyashi210p22.jpg

True, such efforts by the Ministry bring out the inner cynic in me. I cannot imagine what kind of rabbity women and strident males would be present at an arranged lindy-hop session!

And don’t you agree Ms. Ai, that as an employee in MOE, dating is itself an education in human relationships. Perhaps it’s an anti-education. You could invent no worse preparation for love or for marriage, than the tireless pursuit of the perfect partner. Keep Looking, says SDU anyway. You’re not done yet. What about this one? And that one?

Dating, like the tyrant, seeks perfection.

And on this point, isn’t dating an accretive model of past promises and kisses? Our behaviour in the bedroom (if it even gets that far) is filled with traces of past bedrooms in which we have slept. A more melancholy way of looking at the history of dating is to read it as a history of repeated trials and errors and errors. And perhaps not all the well-meaning emails nor all the perfumes of Isetan, will ever clean this set of history…


2 Responses to “Shall I compare thee to your place or mine?”

  1. It’s See Ai Keow lar….


    When I first got her mails, i thought it was spam from a phallus enlarger scam.

  2. eh, Ai Seow Kee sounds better! 🙂

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