Dear old envy.

Let’s start with 2 odd and unrelated facts: Did you know that there is a twinkling string of 24 LED lights underneath the Audi R8 frontlights, which were supposedly modeled after the Sydney Opera House? Second: did you also know that Toad from Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows is really a car connoisseur? In one passage, Toad fantasizing about driving, bends forward over a mock car, “making uncouth and ghastly noises, till the climax was reached, when . . . he would lie prostrate . . . apparently completely satisfied for the moment.”
What is it about cars and allurement? I keep reading the pages of, red with desire. For all the hype, cars seem much more the source of restless envy than of pleasure. Owners of exotic and expensive models, like the R8 below, rarely keep them long: they tire of them, then change them. The car is just one of many ‘desirable’ objects which disappoint desire even as they ensnare and incite it; not the end of envy, but its vehicle.


And after playing with the Audi R8 configurator for almost an hour, I’ve concluded…


That envy, the worst of all the 7 sins, clouds thoughts, clobbers generosity, puts a dent in your serenity, and more or less shrivels your heart…


And for that, Damn You, Audi.


One Response to “Dear old envy.”

  1. true dat

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