Audi Redux


Why am I still hounded by the Audi R8 ? It’s an unattainable dream even if I saved enough from 3 lifetimes for Audi’s Magnus Opus. Blame it all on Dan Neil, whose one-of-a-kind reviews of cars, blended with oh-so-funny astute cultural observations, have poisoned me further.

Congratulations (and damn him) Dan, for winning the Pulitzer Prize in Criticism! 🙂

Here are some excerpts:

“Despite the R8’s evident exoticism — the car is low, wide and mirthless, its gimlet eyes fixing you with white-hot LEDs like it was brooding on ways to wreck your marriage

“Only when you start wringing it out, teasing the 8,250 redline in the lower gears, does the full shove-in-the-back aggression make itself felt. And then, oh the sound: a moltensugar contralto that dances on wending treble clef, a sound to make angels grab a hanky.”

“With its wide-track posture, low center of gravity, mid-engine layout and gluey, 19-inch Pirelli tires, it’s no surprise that the R8 has formidable lateral grip. Antaeus doesn’t hug the Earth like this”

“the R8 is a fistful of weaponized cool thrown in the face of the sports car status quo: seductively styled, comprehensively engineered, flawlessly executed. Needless to say, Porsche and Aston Martin’s life just got a lot more complicated”


2 Responses to “Audi Redux”

  1. ‘like it was brooding on ways to wreck your marriage’

    And you didn’t believe me when I said that you are fixated about the subject of marriage. Tsk tsk… *mischievous grin*

  2. I mean come on, how many times can car and marriage go together in the same sentence…and no, i’m not glued to the idea of marriage! at all! 😉

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