“There is a world elsewhere” – Coriolanus


I think it’s still a but premature to write this but I’ll leave Anglican High for SOTA with only good memories, especially my dearest students in my Core and Elective Literature class. (Please do remember to read more often, poetry and prose; their meanings are always not evidently clear and my explanation of what binaries are may have befuddled you even further).

I have retained the best image of the school perhaps on a night after Parents Teachers Meeting, and the walkway to the staff room was just … eerily serene. Happiness comes at the most unexpected moments, and this was one of them. I’ll miss all my colleagues, who have become my family and nothing less. So Ben, Farah, Huey Jy, Hamdan, Kartini, Zarinah, Hong Ming, Samantha, William, Mrs Koh (s), Mrs Tan Lai Yin… I think my most sentimental thoughts are of no use here. Thanks so much for everything these last 3 years… to end, a little stanza from Alun Lewis:

“And then, ‘We’ll leave some gas, a little warmth

For the next resident, and these dry flowers,’

And turn your face away, afraid to speak

The big word, that Eternity is ours.”

— “Goodbye”


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