Be a bookslut

Damn those graphic designers at Penguin; How on earth do they encapsulate so well the essence of a book? Penguin has certainly come a long way in design and illustration, just look at the banner below and you see something of a Zeitgeist distilled there.


I get all covetous and anxious whenever Penguin releases a new series like The Great Ideas, Great Loves and now the Great Journeys. The latter is especially beguiling for its selection of intrepid explorers who have really gone into the heart of darkness and back again, all before tha advent of the jet age. And looking at these finely-clad covers, I’m beginning to think publishing is only vaguely about writers – next to the carousing, the deals, and the piled-up ‘product’, not to mention the endless designer conflicts about the right typefaces and whatnot. It’s probably carnage in the genteel world of books.

51dkqgr4pel_aa240_.jpg 51fadg5voql_aa240_.jpg51op1ie0pkl_aa240_.jpg

But heck, if attractive covers promote reading, go forth and splurge!

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