You take the blue pill…


Popular Culture tells us that if you take the blue pill, you continue blissfully unaware of the cantankerous reality we live in…for me, I’m taking this prophylactic to ward off a little organism that is plaguing my poor foot! (Athlete’s Foot, you see, and I haven’t been in the jungles long enough recently to deserve such company)

The pill is quite a mouthful, called fluconazole, an antifungal drug that suppresses the growth of this yeast that is growing happily on my right foot. A little information on this microbe: Yes, it’s a yeast (but why do I think of warm breads and hot oven stoves?), and yeast comes from the Old English, gist, which in turn, comes from the Indo-European variant, meaning boil, bubble and foam. Quite accurate if you look at the moccasin patterns of shed skin on my leg! (Pictures not included)

But I’m just amazed at how this drug works; pharmacokinetics like poetry can be such fun stuff. How do the ingredients of the tablet travel down the length of my intestinal tract, locate the source of misery, know its job and wipes out the adversary? You have to thank Wikipedia for the kind of humourless information it provides on this subject; just take a look at the process:

This inhibition prevents the conversion of lanosterol to ergosterol, an essential component of the fungal cytoplasmic membrane, and subsequent accumulation of 14α-methyl sterols

And looking at the molecular structure of the drug below, I’m vaguely reminded of my Chemistry classes with all the hoohah about co-valency bonds. It’s a mass of ciphers which are really Greek to me…


3 Responses to “You take the blue pill…”

  1. “the moccasin patterns of shed skin on my leg”
    Ewww! I still can’t believe that you had to procrastinate for such a long time before seeing the dr. Pls warn your readers about the potential of Jock Itch when Athlete’s Foot is allowed to travel up one’s leg…

  2. wow…. you may get athlete’s d**k if you’re not careful man.

    *Scratch Scratch.

    *smells finger


  3. See? I already told you to go easy on the Footjobs, dude!

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