10 on the sleaze-o-meter


Golden Mile Complex is a sanctuary for all things Thai, mostly unsavory.

I came out of my cave recently and was shopping at Beach road, when I decided to take a look inside this shopping centre. The first thing that wafts over you is the acrid, pungent smell of Thai herbs displayed untidily along the air-conditioned halls, and the smell clings to your shirt long after you’ve quit the place.

The place is a mixture of odd-looking cafeterias, money-changers and dubious phone sellers. Everywhere you look, large ghastly banners in Thai festoon the grimy walls. The Sports shops hawk their items with aplomb, despite me knowing that the shirt materials feel like paper.

Men with triangular tattoos on their foreheads and arms (most likely fugitives from Thailand) are conversing in a vernacular mix of Hokkien and Thai with the Thai girls. While some look keenly attractive, the rest wear an expression of bored but benign condescension as they assess me over, no doubt having seen Hell more times over.

Here are some pictures of the place, (note the Thai dungeon, disco) but they are too lightly brighted and optimistic to be accurate. Think a dozen shades of monotone gray darker, and you’ll get a snapshot of a shopping centre out of joint with time and place.



4 Responses to “10 on the sleaze-o-meter”

  1. Who in the world would bring you to such a place??


  2. why, YOU, of course…

  3. hi Hengxin, mummy1st eh?

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