Jesus would not be pleased.


Here’s a wonderfully irreverent take on Old and New Scripture. Take a couple of seminal characters from the Bible and put them in an old-fashioned street-fighter arcade game and you have Bible Fight, a very well-programmed flash game from

Choose Jesus and you can employ moves like “Cross Smash”. The instructions must have been written by some funny cynic: “Vent some frustration from that “being crucified thing” by smashing your opponents with that old rugged cross“. Mash a few combinations and Jesus will bring about a miracle of pain by raining fishes and loaves upon his enemy. Moses can summon a rain of frogs or whip the ten commandments at his opponents. All the characters are really endearing in their absurdity.

I was laughing as I used our Lady Mary against Noah. She has easily the most hilarious posture of protecting baby Jesus as she fights the other characters, and the animation of her “Immaculate Deception” is a must-see.

It all adds up to a very engaging if slightly sacrilegious distraction, so Dear Lord, please forgive this small peccadillo of mine…

You can play the game here.


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