Kowloon – Phantom City


I’m fascinated by the now Demolished city of Kowloon, once the oldest part of Hong Kong. It is seedily magnificent. It has dripping corridors, makeshift plumbing and dank interiors so dark that you even have to use a flashlight in the day. It’s life at the margins banged into shaped, and held together by restaurants in the city’s outskirts, unlicensed dentists, and even kindergartens.

It’s the slum city par excellence and it’s a tell-tale peep-hole to get a proper view of how recessive humans can become.  Why am I attracted to the ghosts of this place?

I remember all too well a dream of waking up in one of its upper enclosures on a dark Saturday morning to the clacking of Mahjong Tiles and cooing of pigeons. What did I do after that in Kowloon? Play my SEGA 16-bit Genesis, of course…

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