England, oh England…


There are many versions of England; a land of watercolours rather than oils, miniatures rather than monuments. Take George Santayana’s vision for example,

England is pre-eminently a land of atmosphere…charming, clement and eminently inhabitable, it is almost too domestic, as if only home passions and caged souls could live there. But lift the eyes for a moment above the line of roofs or treetops, and there the grandeur you miss on the earth is spread gloriously before you

The vision partially coincides with mine, but these are the things I remember best about England from 4 years back…

In England, I’ve felt happiest reading Titus Andronicus in my cold, cosy room in Wentworth College, while the drizzle peters down my window pane, and I’d just come back from a Chinese New Year dinner at Netherpoppleton.

I loved my walks around York’s Roman walls after my day trip to Scarborough, a town I’ve held a special fondness for…By a squint of memory, I also remember my walks to town, to Halifax College and James, Alcuin, Derwent College, savouring the cold. There’s also something about the wind that gets to you too. It’s so quiet in England, there are no vehicle noises at night especially and the desolation makes it easy to exaggerate the person you are. The devout pray, the literary-minded get more literary, the lonely get lonelier, sometimes fatally. Though the telephone rings sometimes to remind me that I’m no island.

And though my affair with her is as torrid as a short-lived tryst, I’ve never felt happier before than when I was in England. How different would things be if I stayed on?

2 Responses to “England, oh England…”

  1. Bloody anglophile you! Enjoy your trip with Sam and Ham! bring back lots of pics of the beautiful countryside in the dreary weather!

  2. yes yes… i miss england too 🙂

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