The Rock and Sole Plaice

Winston Churchill called Fish and Chips “the good companions”. With good reason. London’s oldest and best F & C eatery is named the Rock and Sole Plaice, a true bastion for all chippies and hungry travelers.

It’s run by Cyprean Fishermen and the haddocks and cods are wonderfully battered to perfection. Haddock is slightly larger than a cod and its meat is more delicate. More sweet. The key to perfection here, or so I read, is the proportion of batter to fish. So overpuffed batter which makes the fish look larger are nasty ploys by nasty restaurants (so now you know, but nothing of that sort here).

They’re all cooked in peanut oil, which makes them marginally healthier than the standard Fish and Chips. But for the skeptic, take a look at this picture and decide if it’s worth a trek to 47 Endell Street near Covent Gardens.



3 Responses to “The Rock and Sole Plaice”

  1. Hello hello,Mr.Ong!
    It’s sad to hear that you’ve left the school already. When the principal announced it during assembly, many students sighed including the ones who gave you the “Secret Nike Box” last year. Here’s wishing you a good year ahead!

  2. Hi Shuyi!
    I’ll miss you girls a lot too! All the best for this important year … I still have your Nike shoe box…very naughty.

  3. Helloo MrOng! We all miss you X1000000000! 😀 We’ll work hard for Lit with MsKoh guiding us, no worries. we won’t let you down!

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