The unquiet pen


Cyril Connolly’s The Unquiet Grave ranks as one of the strangest non-fictional books of the twentieth century. Its references are as complicated as a eightsome reel dance, and strange as a flock of burning birds, but hugely enjoyable nonetheless.

It’s not recommended bedside reading, but here are the memorable excerpts on women, written with ferocity and wit.

There is no fury like an ex-wife searching for a new lover. When we see a woman chewing the cud meekly beside her second husband, it is hard to imagine how brutally, implacably and pettily she got rid of the others. There are 2 great moments in a woman;s life: when she finds herself to be deeply in love with her man and when she leaves him.

I like the first bit…no fury like an ex-wife’s relentlessness. Extremely antagonistic; surely Flaubert anticipated this when he had Emma Bovary giggling (she’s having an affair you see) as if in a second puberty, “I have a lover! I have a lover!” Furtherdown, Connolly continues coolly…

In the sex-war thoughtlessness is the weapon of the male, vindictiveness of the female. Both are reciprocally generated, but a woman’s desire for revenge outlasts all other emotions.

“And their revenge is as the tiger’s spring,
Deadly and quick, and crushing, yet as real
Torture is theirs, what they inflict they fell”

Hear! Hear! Any contenders, feminists?

3 Responses to “The unquiet pen”

  1. Eh. What talking the you? Can exprain to me why….

    very artsy. cannot catch your balls.


  2. har? Ke TWA LAN ah! 🙂

  3. Correction.

    It should be HAR KEEE TUA LAN AH!

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