Just a lil’ reminiscing…


Man, I miss Leeds and the UK. We were given special treatment at Elland Road because evidently, the club organizers were surprised to see “asians” still supporting the once high-flying club. You’re very welcome, LUFC! Though I had to wear a Leeds scarf to blanket my true Liverpool loyalties.

Everything was perfect in Leeds. Close to home ie. York, Good Hotel and bathtubs, good shopping, (nice lingerie along the window aisles), good Chinese food, great company except for the snoring etc. Now if only I owned a concord to take me back every weekend… Sigh.


3 Responses to “Just a lil’ reminiscing…”

  1. Don’t forget the nice butcher stalls and Yorkshire Pudding with Beef Casserole at Leeds City Market!

    Fucking YUM!!

    This weekend we fly to Bradford, ai mai? 🙂

  2. Ok but I need to drop by in PAA-RRRIS to buy some gucci first…don’t mind ah.

  3. you bloody anglophiles.

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