Godawful Hypocriticism!


I’ll put on my best sneer when I write this:

MOE’s latest advertising attempt has raised my hackles more than a busload of insufferable juveniles.

If you were to plot a graph of a teacher’s spirits during a typical school day, the mid-afternoons would be represented by a valley. Teachers are wilting in the heat after classes. They look nothing like these glamorous shots.

Evidently, MOE’s glib deliverers of untruth have thought otherwise and put up impeccable (but strangely quiescent) teachers with unimpeachable qualifications. Oxford? Oh my! A Masters from Princeton? Throw that in and doll her up with fancy apparel; teachers aren’t dead from the waist down.

Perhaps MOE had in mind fresh monoglot graduates easily conned into believing that the institution they worked for was really part Zara, part Secondary School.
It reeks of disingenuity, and the worst form of delusion ever.

Scholar. Teacher. Role-Model.” I certainly see the tagline for the lettered and learned. Same for the very implausible fashion statement. (My mother actually commented that one of them looks like a prostitute…but hey that’s her say) As for the “Teacher”, pity it’s squashed ignominiously in the middle. I really can’t see that aspect here.


4 Responses to “Godawful Hypocriticism!”

  1. Hear hear! who the deuce is getting paid for offal advertisements like this?

  2. Someone should shoot a nasty letter to Corp Comms and FIRE the bloody idiots who are demeaning the profession!

  3. hypocritism isn’t a word…. 😐

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