Paul Duffield comes to SOTA


Oxfordian Paul Duffield whisked into SOTA on a rainy Friday afternoon to give our kids a workshop on how to draw manga. It was simply electric to see our visual artists, a quietly eccentric bunch, all seated on the floor and copiously scribbling away. Practically every student is a manga lover, and they all (scarily) reproduced his drawings of manga -esque heads, eyes and hands faithfully. I’m just bowled over by the kind of artists coming over to teach our kids this; SOTA is both lighthouse and lightning rod for actors, dancers and singers, the most recent being internationally renowned soprano Kristina Laki. (So Ben, when are you coming over?)

And tomorrow, the famous Italian drama company Luoghi Dell’Arte is conducting a workshop for our hyperactive theatre students… I’m simply humbled at the range of opportunities for our kids…


One Response to “Paul Duffield comes to SOTA”

  1. nien yuan Says:

    Hey Mr. Ong!

    You remember me ornot? It’s been some time eh… I’m glad to see you having fun (?) in SOTA. I just wish the sodding school was created earlier. Bah.

    The italian drama company came to TJ Drama too! Oh, I’m in TJ now… I’m having a wonderful (and chaotic) time here doing KI, Lit and history (but I hate math and econs). I’m still trying to escape S’pore though. I’ll succeed if only Michigan would give me their acceptance letter quick *crosses fingers*. It’s really competitive now because US dollar is in the schmuz.

    I hope you haven’t forgotten us! Continue writing lots of lit-ish stuff her so we know you’re still alive. 😀

    Nien Yuan
    P.S. Margaret Atwood??? Let’s see Angela Carter next, shall we?

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