Singapore – the real champion!

I am just astounded by how grand, how fairy-tale like the Singapore F1 event was. Nevermind the fact that Alonso came back from a dismal position and upped the ante in a scintillating race. Who cares if Ferrari f***ked up majestically? (A little does of humility would be good for the stallion). To me, the real protagonist of the event? – The City. Brighter than Vienna on Christmas Night and Louder than London in rush-hour. Really proud of the organizations and the brains/brawn that cobbled together such an exciting race.

The whole 5.067km route was lit up on a LUX level of 3000, which is about the brightness of an overcast day in Yorkshire.  Put the lights on with the aura of the Supreme Court, the colonial buildings and modern skyscrapers, plus the hysterical howl of those F1 engines…(light V12s?  F1 isn’t my pet subject) and you have something really magical…

My funny takeaways from the F1: The silly Singtel Gridgirl who didn’t stand at attention when the most beautiful rendition of “Majulah Singapore” was sung. You can kiss your $20,000 prize money goodbye!! My second takeaway: I can never forget her…the Immaculate safety Car.

The SL63


One Response to “Singapore – the real champion!”

  1. I would go to the F1 not to see the fomula 1 cars, but rather, the safety car. The vette would be pretty nice to see. Here is one of them:

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