Sweet memory!

I just spent an hour browsing through coverart of old games! Really felt so nostalgic after that, I mean it’s amazing how pictures can be such a hotline to memory.

How furious I was when I found out that my ’88 XT said NO to “Might and Magic” diskettes. There was something like an mechanical bronchitis coming from the steel casing that told me installation failed! I screamed at mummy, asking her to break the bank so I could play the game. Mummy said “Ok lor, you want to make us all poor for your game, go ahead.” I’ll never forget that.

Then I remembered the good old SJI days, when the seedy Katong shopping centre was the haunt for 5.5 inch diskette games, all wrapped up with their covers in nice sleeves. Who could forget unforgettable Pauline who worked at BASIC computer centre? Where is she now? 😦

Those were also the salad days when games like GOLDEN AXE, KYRANDIA were the staple of the EGA 16-color screen. This was something bigger than a quantum leap for mankind, bigger than anything else combined, especially for a struggling student like me trying to pay $6 a week for his gaming needs. I also recall fighting with papa over the purchase of the 256 VGA monitor, which I kept shouting to him “Photo Quality you know!” over and over again.

But having recalled all these wonderful memories, I’m glad I was such an avid gamer. Seeing all these game covers brings that flood of memories back again… long, long before love, academic and work began their assault on my future years.

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