Jawdroppingly …

I always like reading Jeremy’s Clarkson’s reviews on cars, his latest being the one on VW’s reincarnation of the Scirocco. It was feisty, opinionated and had little on the car’s real driving dynamics and real-world performance but there was a little phrase I did like especially. Me having just written something blurry eyed on nostalgia.

The new car is like an old girlfriend you meet after hooking up on Friends Reunited. To everyone else she’s just an ordinary middle-aged woman, but to you she’s a bit more than that . . .That’s the new Scirocco. To most people it’s just another car. But for those of us who had the old one, it arrives on the scene, after a 15-year period of nothing but grey skies and drizzle, like the warm, fast wind from which it takes its name.

Sure, I’m not old enough to have driven the old 1.8cc Scirocco and I was actually trying to convince myself that the new model, looked in fact, like a toad – a squat but stylish toad. I didn’t like its preposterous storm-trooper helmet looks and felt that it wouldn’t look out of place as a golf caddie in the death star. But who was I really kidding? I love the way it looks after glancing at it a couple more times. It’s like taking an instant dislike to Toni Collette, only to discover that she is really blessed with good looks. And now instead of “the Scirocco looks all squat and beastly” running through my head, I agonize daily: “Why, oh why, didn’t I wait another half a year more for this beauty?”


3 Responses to “Jawdroppingly …”

  1. i see you are obsessed over cars..? 😀


  3. The new MK6 is faster from 0-100 by the sirocco by ~0.2sec.

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