My lovely Golf

After PPS and waxingA long overdue shot of my sayang, after PPS and waxing. My goodness, are apolocalyptic changes going to be done unto her soon. The Eisenmann Sport Exhaust is coming in this week, as will the Bilstein PSS10s. Modifying this car is like playing Diablo; you just won’t be satisfied till you have a level *** [insert class] with all the best weapons and stash. But despite all the hoohaa, I have embarassingly lost out to ricer-boy Touaregs, Subaru WRXs egging me on to 180km/h, and the occasional showboating Mini Cooper Asses (S), all driving without regard to the hefty price they paid for their rides.

Anyway, after having clocked about 5000km and doing an Engine Oil change, I’m so pleased with her performance. Unbridled when provoked, yet docile as a family Labrador when I want it to be. Lovely, absolutely lovely car…



4 Responses to “My lovely Golf”

  1. nice car, if it is the mk5 r32 in manual, you should be able to outrun the coopers at least. have fun on the roads

    • Thanks Kenneth, do I know you? Yep, the R32 is a nice ride too. The GTI is not as nimble as the minis, but it still is quite fast on its feet.

  2. Why dont you get a 3-door one?

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