My new toy

I would love to write about all the recession nay-saying and the impending doom that befalls us in 2009, plus gripe about those predatory chain of bankers making irresponsible policies that caused the collapse of Lehmann Brothers Bank. But instead, I think I’ll just like to gaze lovingly at my “in-spite-of-recession” toy, the very retro-styled Voigtlander Bessa-R with her new Ultron 35mm f1.7 oculars. This is a fast 35mm, wide-angle lens, great for photographic stories in low-light conditions. Though tedious, the analog camera holds a charming engagement with History and Sound. If you ever get your hands on this non-electronic camera, listen to its film advance lever and the shutter…all working mechanically to catch that moment.



What a work of beauty! And how apt that I should just have seen Ben Kingsley’s “Elegy” where the most poignant moment was him immortalizing Penelope Cruz in his Leica.


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