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Singapore – the real champion!

Posted in Special Events on September 28, 2008 by Eugene

I am just astounded by how grand, how fairy-tale like the Singapore F1 event was. Nevermind the fact that Alonso came back from a dismal position and upped the ante in a scintillating race. Who cares if Ferrari f***ked up majestically? (A little does of humility would be good for the stallion). To me, the real protagonist of the event? – The City. Brighter than Vienna on Christmas Night and Louder than London in rush-hour. Really proud of the organizations and the brains/brawn that cobbled together such an exciting race.

The whole 5.067km route was lit up on a LUX level of 3000, which is about the brightness of an overcast day in Yorkshire.  Put the lights on with the aura of the Supreme Court, the colonial buildings and modern skyscrapers, plus the hysterical howl of those F1 engines…(light V12s?  F1 isn’t my pet subject) and you have something really magical…

My funny takeaways from the F1: The silly Singtel Gridgirl who didn’t stand at attention when the most beautiful rendition of “Majulah Singapore” was sung. You can kiss your $20,000 prize money goodbye!! My second takeaway: I can never forget her…the Immaculate safety Car.

The SL63


Vdub in the house…

Posted in Special Events on September 4, 2008 by Eugene

..delivered in a pristine, germ-free and very clinic-like hallway. Finally, a piece of engineering I have that came from the people who gave us u-boats, beer and nuclear fission. At times, this car on the road is an absolute beast, in others as docile as Jane Austen. I’ve watched far too many times the golf ads on and finally, I’m so happy to own one. Just me and my little shell. I know the Golf is no Ferrari but i take my hat off to one Coco Chanel who makes me feel all warm and snug in this car with this quip of hers: “It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure.” Nice!

Klingon Anti-Gravity gun?

Klingon Anti-Gravity gun?

“There is a world elsewhere” – Coriolanus

Posted in Special Events on October 3, 2007 by Eugene


I think it’s still a but premature to write this but I’ll leave Anglican High for SOTA with only good memories, especially my dearest students in my Core and Elective Literature class. (Please do remember to read more often, poetry and prose; their meanings are always not evidently clear and my explanation of what binaries are may have befuddled you even further).

I have retained the best image of the school perhaps on a night after Parents Teachers Meeting, and the walkway to the staff room was just … eerily serene. Happiness comes at the most unexpected moments, and this was one of them. I’ll miss all my colleagues, who have become my family and nothing less. So Ben, Farah, Huey Jy, Hamdan, Kartini, Zarinah, Hong Ming, Samantha, William, Mrs Koh (s), Mrs Tan Lai Yin… I think my most sentimental thoughts are of no use here. Thanks so much for everything these last 3 years… to end, a little stanza from Alun Lewis:

“And then, ‘We’ll leave some gas, a little warmth

For the next resident, and these dry flowers,’

And turn your face away, afraid to speak

The big word, that Eternity is ours.”

— “Goodbye”


Posted in Special Events on July 25, 2007 by Eugene

image006.jpgDearest Keith and Cynthia,

In my attendance of many weddings, there are the love declarations, the “in-love” vows, the pledges that say I love you forever, or “I long for you, isn’t it wonderful” and the promises that your exquisiteness will be embalmed forever in spices of image and sound.

Always the You and I; these propositions, like the required black cocktail dress, are too disingenously worn.

Both of you needed no such displays of outward feeling on your wedding night.

All of us were jealously flabbergasted and enchanted with the way you sang to Cynthia, more sonorously than angels. And as you drew Cynthia close to you in the midst of that song, I could not but turn away smiling, as if I interrupted clumsily upon a moment as intimate as a lover’s whisper.

So Keith and Cynthia, I have nothing but the most joyful happiness for both of you and may your love for each other increase daily and ever blaze in the sun, in the sun. And of all the dusty, vague poems of love I can recall to dedicate my best wishes to both of you, I like this magical one the most…

Honours, riches, marriage-blessing,
Long continuance and increasing,
Hourly joys be still upon you;
Juno sings her blessing on you.

Earth’s increase, foison plenty,
Barns and garners never empty,
Vines with clustering bunches growing,
Plants with goodly burden bowing,
Spring come to you at the farthest,
In the very end of harvest,.
Scarcity and want shall shun you.
Ceres’ blessing so is on you.

(The Tempest)